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Industry Tips >> Naughty or Nice: How Disappointment can bring out the best in you.

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expectation n

1. the act or state of expecting or the state of being expected

2. (usually plural) something looked forward to

3. an attitude of expectancy or hope; anticipation to regard something with expectation

I’m one of those people who delights in hunting and gathering for just the right gift to express my gratitude to my clients and hopefully bring some joy to the people who trust me and give me the opportunity to do what I love year after year.  It’s part heartfelt expression mixed with consumer madness but it feels good to say thanks and bring a little joy to the people I work with.

Sometimes however, the amount of pleasure I feel crashes into the expectation I have that people should do things like I do and GIVE ME PRESENTS! I know that may sound materialistic and petty, but I want to be acknowledged too, so when the Holiday presents don’t pile up and the people I hire seem to forget I exist, I am left with deciding whether to define myself by the number of gifts I don’t receive or deal with my expectations and the pain of disappointment. Ouch.

Managing expectations, both my own and those of the people in my life, creates room for possibility, minimizes upset, and allows me to give freely which is really what brings me the most joy. So this year I am going to try the following approaches and hopefully when the UPS truck does or doesn’t stop at my house I will still be happy as a witch in a broom factory.

Keepin it Real: Disappointment lives in the space between how you thought things should be and what actually is taking place.  Try bringing your attention into what is happening right in front of you and quite often you will find it’s really ok just the way it is.  Do I really need another pen set that company is sending everyone?  Probably not.

Extend your Credit: Everyone likes to be acknowledged but defining our self worth by what happens outside of us can be very tricky.  More volatile than the stock market, it changes moment to moment and leaves us open to all kinds of drama.  Be your own champion and give yourself credit.  We teach people how to treat us so acknowledge your self and others will follow.

Let it Flow: Our lives are constantly changing and evolving. Holding on to any one meaning is limiting and often painful.  If your clients, friends, or even loved ones don’t act the way you wish they would its an opportunity to remember to define your life by who you are not what you have.  And sometimes it creates a powerful opportunity to ask for what you want.

The Gift that Keeps On Giving: The one gift that never disappoints, one size fits all, and everyone can afford, is to share love and appreciation with others.  Its free, liberating, and possibly makes us feel better than the person who is receiving it!  Get into the true spirit of the season, check into your heart and express yourself without attachment to the outcome or who has the most toys.

See you on set!


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