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Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unabated

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Sarah Kelly, Michelle Lambert, Thea Grabiec,Joe Capucini, Sharon Munfus, Phil Talsky, David Caprita. Photo Lemon Melon Photography Sarah Kelly, Michelle Lambert, Thea Grabiec,Joe Capucini, Sharon Munfus, Phil Talsky, David Caprita. Photo Lemon Melon Photography

Fringe Theatre Company & Extra Dry Martini Productions
Directed by Stacy Ann Raposa
Written by Cast

You can always guarantee that any play presented at The Actors Workout Studio is going to be interesting. Interesting, funny, relevant, well written and usually really thought provoking.

Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unabated is certainly all of the above but it has something extra, it has soul. Bare naked soul…

The Director Stacy Ann Raposa has taken seven actors, and worked with them over several months to create something unique. Each actor tells a story from their own lives, and because these actors are all so different and their choices so varied in tone, what is presented to us is a wonderful and inspirational blend of life. The monologues they created are individually, carefully broken up in to pieces and then all artfully woven back together to create something else…something that it is far more than the sum of its parts.

6802 l to r Row 1 Sarah Kelly David Caprita Thea Grabiec Row 2Sharon Munfus photo Lemon Melon Photography
Sarah Kelly David Caprita Thea Grabiec, Sharon Munfus. Photo Lemon Melon Photography

Each of these stories is performed as a monologue by each of the actors, with all of them remaining on stage the entire performance.

They listen to these monumental moments in each others’ lives as if hearing them for the first time. Sometimes watching quietly, sometimes more involved and sometimes even taking part in a scene from one an other’s story. This seamless and continual stream of performance storytelling is incredibly captivating. I found myself completely mesmerized by these actors, held transfixed by their honesty, their bravery and their total commitment to this performance.

This is an awful lot of information, 100 minutes of people standing, sometimes sitting, but being there, on stage, waiting patiently for each other to speak and I can tell you it’s quite the most astonishing and moving thing I have witnessed on stage in a long time. I was riveted and the time flew by, in fact I was sorry when it ended, which is really something. I wanted more, I wanted to know what happened next, how they were now, and where they were going.

6852 Michelle Lambert Phil Talsky photo Lemon Melon Photography
Michelle Lambert Phil Talsky. Photo Lemon Melon Photography

I was truly moved by these amazing actors and stunned by the writing, it was artful and eloquent and compelling. I cried, I laughed, and I completely ‘got it’.

It was almost like watching therapy, if that doesn't sound totally dull, someone else’s therapy, and not the Jerry Springer kind of tell all rubbish, no, this was a group of total strangers being thrown together and really being honest, painfully honest in ways that so connect you to them that you know if you never meet again you will remember them for the rest of your life…it was that good.

The excellent cast includes the talents of David Caprita, Joe Capucini, Thea Grabiec, Sarah Kelly, Michelle Lambert, Sharon Munfus and Phil Talsky.

Bare Naked Angels: Angels Unabated was performed and written by members of the Fringe Theatre Company. The show runs from July 17th through August 9th, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 7pm. Tickets are $20

Actors Workout Studio
4735 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood
CA 91602


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