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Father, Son & Holy Coach @ Whitefire Theatre

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Father, Son & Holy Coach. Written and Performed by John Posey

Directed by Michael Laskin

I’m back at the Whitefire Theatre again, and not sorry to be here!

This is such a lovely venue and truly a perfect stage for a one man show, which is what Father, Son &Holy Coach is.

The one man being John Posey, who wrote the play and performs it. This play’s origins are from 1993 when it was first performed in Santa Monica to rave reviews. John then took the show on tour around the US, even performing in Australia.

Cut to the present and a slightly older John Posey revisits the role that must be so close to his heart, with help from his two sons, Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) and Jesse Posey, an accomplished sportsman turned actor as Producers and a long time collaborator the celebrated actor, producer and acting coach Michael Laskin (, in his first directorial credit….a beautifully and tenderly directed piece.

The story is a classical one. A father, unable to achieve his own dreams relentlessly pushes his son to fulfill them for him, regardless of wether they hold the same importance to him. Ed Sanford, a Georgia boy, born and bred in Tupelo County who’s aspirations to play state level football where never realized, focuses his full attention on his son, John, to make it to the state football team and ultimately to the NFL.

This is a touching, warm and often hilarious portrait of a fondly remembered southern town who’s love of football is all encompassing. John Posey plays several roles including both the father and the son and a slew of richly drawn and lovingly portrayed Tupelo County residents and football worshipers.

For one actor to hold the stage for an entire play is task enough for most, but this play, with its beautifully written storytelling prose and highly physical maneuvers, as well as the challenge of reinventing these strange and wonderful characters, demands skills of almost mythical proportions.

John Posey is clearly gifted by the gods.

He captivates the audience with his truly touching and compelling performance. He manages somehow to transport us all back to Tupelo County, to watch the lives of the residents and a father and son unfurl. The audience act as spellbound witnesses to the triumphs and the failures and the bonds made and broken.

This is a very familiar story of course. But told to us with such love and with such a magical creative force that we rediscover it, funny and poignant and profound as it is. All neatly wrapped in the history of so many American lives.

I urge you to go and see this remarkable play. If you can, go with a group of friends or family, go with people that you are close to.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to share familiar moments with those we care about. I know I wept with joy for my father even though I never played football and neither did he.

Father, Son & Holy Coach is playing on Fridays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm through August 30th.

The Whitefire Theater
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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